Web Hosting Canada launches its .CA domain reservation platform

Web Hosting Canada has announced the official launch of its .CA domain name ordering platform. Canadians can now take advantage of this new tool to register valuable .CA domain names the second they expire and before they become available to the general public through a process called TBR (To Be Released). Some of the domains that drop each week represent a unique opportunity to get a high-value domain at a bargain price.

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Popular domains requested by multiple interested buyers are subject to a one-day auction, also managed through the WHC platform. Domain investors often buy low during the auction and then resell to individual buyers at a substantial markup, or “park” popular domains and advertise there.

“With over 3 million active .CA domain registrations, finding an available Canadian domain name for your business is becoming increasingly difficult,” said Emil Falcon, Founder and CEO of WHC. Adding “Before today, .CA domains did not have a single platform that could be used to confidently secure expiring domains. Our new Backordering platform aims to change that.”

What makes WHC’s backorder tool unique is that it “consistently wins more requested domains than other providers, with an average win rate of over 70%,” says Frank Michlick, Head of WHC Estates products. “Our .CA backorder system is the most advanced platform of its kind, and thanks to continued investment in R&D and ongoing development of our domain management platform, we still have many improvements on the way.”

WHC’s backorder platform can be used to bid on domains that drop every Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST. Entry bids start at $20, which includes the cost of a one-year domain registration. Customers pay no fees unless they win the domain, so there is no risk in participating in a drop.

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James S. Joseph