Web development training in Lagos at Anchorsoft Academy

Anchorsoft Academy is a software engineering training center. We are one of the best coding schools in Lagos Nigeria. We offer more than just web development. As a coding bootcamp, most of the courses we offer target web, mobile, and API developments. We also offer related software engineering courses such as software testing and quality assurance, database development and administration, data analysis, data science, and cloud engineering.

Our courses

Web development training

We offer comprehensive web development courses for nodejs (MERN) and python / django. Nodejs and Django are two very popular choices among the biggest startups in Silicon Valley and around the world. These courses take you from zero to pro. Our full stack python training is very popular. Python is a very versatile programming language with a solid foundation in web development, data analysis, data science, automation, and more.

Mobile application development training

You can build mobile apps with native or cross-platform tools. We love the latter. Our mobile application development course is fully hands-on with hands-on work right from the start.

SQL training

This SQL and Database Development and Administration course takes you from the absolute beginner level to mastering writing simple and complex SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers and transactions, database design And much more. With this course, you simply become a well-trained database administrator.

UI / UX graphic design training

It is difficult to attract and retain customers without a user experience focused on conversion. Digital products are hitting the market in droves, only a few of them can guarantee user feedback. This course shows everything you need to know to create great designs and user experiences for digital products using Figma.

API development with Javascript / Node and Python / DjangoTraining

If you are a frontend (react, vue, etc.) or mobile app developer and want to learn the other half (API) of any digital product to make it complete. Node is one of the most popular options for building restful APIs. This REST API for Mobile and Web Application Development with Node JS course is all you need to build backend APIs with javascript. You can also build full, feature-rich APIs with Python and Django. If you prefer that, we’ve got you! Discover this REST API for developing mobile and web applications with Python / Django

Automated software testing and quality assurance training

Software testing is an essential part of the software development lifecycle. “Never trust programmers, test everything” is a popular mantra at many professional software development companies. Learn Automated Functional Testing with this Software Testing and Quality Assurance with Selenium course.

Frontend development with React training

React is the most popular javascript framework for building Single Page Application (SPA). Having a reaction to your CV is hot. In this course, you will learn and master how to react, and start building your SPAs.

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