Web development and marketing for small businesses

When it comes to innovative website design, Freddy Vasquez, owner of FXV Digital Design, has a consistent message for his clients: “Let’s do something awesome today! “

A native of New York City, Vasquez entered the marketing and design world by accident – his group at the time needed creative promotional flyers, and he decided he was the man for the job.

“We had to make flyers” he said, “and I was the only person who could do it.” Originally in the music business, Vasquez eventually went into retail. When a career relocation to Florida was unsuccessful, Vasquez’s wife took on a telemarketing job to keep the family afloat financially while he focused on building a web design business.

“We took advantage of Myspace at the time,” Vasquez said, noting the popularity of the pioneering social media platform with musicians and artists. “We started to create group profiles, like a customizable Facebook page [is today], “ he added, noting that his wife would present his work to groups over the phone.

Business was slow… until his wife convinced Five Finger Death Punch to let them design their page. “That was it,” said Vasquez, “Groups responded because of that profile alone. It was the beginning.

Vasquez eventually switched from his original medium to Facebook and full website design, noting that he likes to change over time and get closer to his customers to make sure they get the exact image of brand they want and need.

“Internet and marketing are constantly changing”, he said, “But the way the company manages it is different. “ Vasquez explained that he tries to build websites that grab people’s attention in seconds. “The attention span has shortened, so that the uniqueness [of the websites] must be better.

To those who are just starting to build a website and social media content for their business, Vasquez gave this advice: focus on blogging to keep your content up to date. “The most important are blogs and social media” he said.

“The brand is huge. “ For those who want a professional to design their website and marketing content, you can rest assured that choosing FXV Digital Designs means that your website and social media accounts will have the unique touch they need to be successful. “People think good enough is good enough” said Vasquez. “For me, good enough [means] to fail. We’re here to take your website / business to a whole new level.

James S. Joseph