‘Time to go’ for web hosting brand Zuver – Digital

VentraIP has decided to discontinue its budget brand Zuver and merge it with the main retail brand.

This was announced in a message titled “It’s time to go… Zuver! :(“

Anyone attempting to head to the Zuver homepage is now redirected to a new page where the message is displayed.

“I hope our customers enjoyed the service we provided – but as they say in the classics, all good things must come to an end,” it read.

The message goes on to say that Zuver’s termination is “Due to changing market conditions and consolidation in the web hosting and domain name industry” and that the company will “focus our efforts on a single retail brand to move forward”.

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Chayne Jonstone explained this in a statement to CRN, explaining that the company now competes with only three key players: GoDaddy, Web.com (parent of Crazy Domains) and 5GN (parent of WebCentral/ netregistry).

“Traditionally the market has been in a race to the bottom for pricing, but in recent years that trend has changed as smaller hosting companies have been acquired due to the unsustainability of their pricing models, which led to a focus on the quality of the service rather than the price.

“When Zuver launched about nine years ago it was positioned to compete with those in this ultra-low-cost space, but that market has since been superseded and it no longer makes sense for us to continue to tap into it. virtually unopposed.”

A few long-time customers have turned to Whirlpool forum to deploreespecially those on $36/year legacy hosting plans such as the original poster of the thread.

While there were a few posts lamenting the loss of this market, most were relatively philosophical about the situation, and Jonstone’s own account was there to appease and sympathize.

Johnstone told CRN there will be benefits for customers who move to Ventra.

“The majority of Zuver customers are still using what we define as legacy hardware. Spinning discs, old processors, many of which are over 5 years old,” he explained.

“Once the consolidation is complete, all of our customers will be hosted from the same modern platform which, in turn, will enable us to provide a consistent level of service to all customers at all levels.”

In addition to the end of the old $36/year plan at the time, Zuver’s multi-hosting will also end.

However, Jonstone says he and his team are working to ensure Zuver customers have enough time to adjust to the transition, including offering an additional 12 months at their current price.

“Over the past two weeks, I have personally spent time calling dozens of Zuver customers, briefing them on what was to be announced, and asking for their input so that we could formulate a plan that would be acceptable to as many existing customers as possible,” he said.

“To do this, we have assured customers that we will honor their existing renewal dates, and we have committed to ensuring that most services can be renewed for up to 12 months in the future at their current price to leave them the time to experience the new service and then make a decision based on its needs. »

In the end, the Whirlpool user Brayden Might have said it better: “It happens.”

James S. Joseph