This web development training package is on sale for $ 30


Effective web development involves much more than graphic design. Knowing the code base behind popular websites and apps can help keep a site up and running even under the worst of circumstances. The 2022 Beginner’s Web Development Pack shows you how to do this, one language at a time.

Taught by professional engineers, such as C # expert Praveenkumar Bouna and coding instructor Brad Hussey, courses are built around code-long projects. This allows you to learn theory and ideas while immediately putting them into practice, with projects you can come back to and experiment with. Each course is also tailored to your own pace, divided into clear and concise lessons that you can adapt to your schedule.

The set starts with 30 CSS Projects in 30 Days, a boot camp approach to cascading style sheets that shows you the basics and introduces common troubleshooting issues to hone your skills. It then moves on to C #, with both a beginner’s course and a course for people without any programming background.

From there, you can learn Angular 8, a popular platform and web framework behind sites like PayPal. If you’re interested in the intersection of apps, desktop software, and websites, there’s a comprehensive overview of Flutter, using Dart, Google’s programming language, to build versatile apps that cross platforms in candy.

For engineers who want to take a deeper dive into web engineering, the bundle includes courses on GraphQL and how it works with NodeJS, ReactJS, and more, how to use Visual Studio code and .NET Web API documentation at the. using Swagger and OpenAPI.

As websites go beyond communications and become tools in their own right, knowing how to create them will be crucial for any coder. The 2022 Beginner’s Web Development Pack makes it easy to get started, at your own pace. Get it for just $ 29.99 today.

Prices subject to change.

James S. Joseph