The latest web development trends of 2021 you should know

The modern world is constantly changing. Web development standards sometimes tend to change faster before we try to implement them. So, ready to innovate with your web application in 2021? We need to identify the trend, approach and techniques that are gaining popularity this year to focus on them.

It is also necessary to analyze the trends of industries, for which we can uncover the lists of the hottest web technology stacks that deserve your attention in the coming year to become pioneers in your niche. These new trends inspire entrepreneurs to dig more opportunities, stay engaged, and stay competitive regardless of your web business startup innovations, market development, or IoT inventions.

  1. Voice search

The technology seems to get better every year, and in speech recognition software there is no difference. From Siri to Alexa, voice search is equipped for every smartphone and can boast an accuracy rate of 90%, the same as most humans. According to statistics, thousands of new AI-powered voice control devices are sold around the world every day due to their incredible popularity.

People choose this hands-free technology in this digital world, thus eliminating the hassle of getting the information by entering the research question by hand, saving time and effort. However, why is this shift to voice interface taking place among users? The answer is-

  • Accessible to use: Communication is something we don’t need to learn; Children and the elderly can use the devices to search for information by interacting with the voice interface.
  • Affordability: Voice search is a feature common to all smartphones these days.

Useful in business

Optimizing your business with voice search by boosting it with local SEO will make a big buzz on your web business. It builds a strong and potential audience by driving sales and generating blogger income in return.

2. Web assembly

Sometimes when creating a web application there is some kind of tradeoff where the performance is not up to par. Due to the limitations of JavaScript, calculations become slower and affect the user experience. Therefore, popular games and high-end apps are only available on native desktops.

To be a game-changer, Web Assembly helps you focus on the native performance of web applications. Web developers code the programming language by compiling it into bytecode, which runs in a browser faster than JavaScript.

The intuitiveness, fluidity, and compilation of a website’s offerings into easy-to-locate sections are extremely important to improving the usability of the site and the customer experience. You will find it essential if you have visited a website (like to play online casino games. Entertaining bonus offers and a wide range of betting options that match industry standard odds are always the first things to note. But, an experienced and reputable site will always want its users to easily locate their favorite betting options without any hindrance.

Useful in business

Leveraging the power of web assembly, web applications are advancing day by day. The technology is worth trying if you want to create online image, web game, music apps, 3D mapping apps, and build interactive educational training apps.

3. Progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages

We are looking for web apps that we can quickly access all content on mobile. Therefore, we need to implement PWA or AMP, which are amazingly unique technologies that minimize the load time of a web page on mobile. Most of the people use their mobile to satisfy their desired needs. For this, this technology is likely to make websites user-friendly.

With the help of a progressive webpage, working online has become more manageable even if you have a poor internet connection, and it’s relatively quick and inexpensive. It also improves users’ enjoyment of a premium experience, and they barely realize that they are using a browser. Typically, e-commerce web applications use this type of technology for faster market launch online.

On the other hand, an accelerated mobile page (AMP) stays engaged with static content only, loading faster than regular HTML. An AMP only displays the essential information by omitting all the fanciful elements of the range: text, images, etc. This approach shows high-end performance in blogging and news editors. The other advantages of using this technology are –

  • Easier distribution on the market
  • Smooth installation
  • Save the cost
  • Transparent maintenance and updates

Useful in business

Although this technology is relatively new, many web businesses are using it on a daily basis without even mentioning it! Like Twitter, with 330 million active users, some promote their business in other ways to achieve resounding success. You can make a web game by considering this approach, an entertainment app, build an entirely different news website, or innovate in lifestyle or sports apps; you should think about the PWA approach to get your exit success.

4. Motion user interface

The most popular web design trend of the coming year is motion design. The minimalist design is simple yet informative, combined with a sophisticated interactive design, looks great and catches the user’s attention.

Developers use motion design in page header transitions, motion graphics, nice hovers and background animations, as well as modular scrolling. These can seamlessly draw the customer’s attention to your brand’s site or app, nurturing a unique style and entertaining the user.

Useful in business

If you want to increase your website engagement among users, provide better UI / UX for your web application users and stand out from the crowd by incorporating some elements of motion UI techniques into your site.

  • Design your app with animated substances, guide your user by navigating direction icons for the next step to take.
  • Eye-catching animations always work well providing a great gesture for users.


Since trends change so quickly, it is quite difficult to drive them away. However, you can implement the latest trends in web development by improving the ranking of web pages. Also, you can satisfy your users by adapting to new technologies and by opening up new markets for your services.

James S. Joseph