Texas Anti-Choice Whistleblower Site Dismissed From Web Hosting Service


After users threatened to boycott Internet domain service GoDaddy for hosting the new counseling line that allows Texans to anonymously report private citizens they suspect have performed abortions after six weeks or anyone who ” helps or encourages “such abortions in the state, the company abruptly announced that it was starting the site from its servers due to violations of the terms of service.

“We have informed prolifewhistleblower.com that they have 24 hours to switch to another vendor for violating our terms of service,” Dan C. Race, a GoDaddy spokesperson, told Gizmodo in an email. The company first informed the New York Times’s 24-hour window to find another “late Thursday” hosting provider, which means they probably only have a few hours to do so or, presumably, will be disconnected.

Prolifewhistleblower.com has apparently violated GoDaddy’s terms of service section which says a customer cannot use the platform if they “Violates the privacy or publicity rights of another User or any other person or entity, or violates any confidentiality obligation you owe to another User or any other person or entity. “

These terms seem to prohibit snitching on Goody Osburn for antics in the forest with the devil at midnight, Where for requesting a safe, legal and medically prescribed abortion.

Of course, it shouldn’t be too hard for this huge yeti of a website to find a new web host, but it’s speculated that our own pro-choice “vigilantes” could make the site virtually unusable if people continued to check in. flood with gibberish.

As VICE News reported, apparently that’s a pretty easy trick for some of our more tech-savvy allies.

An activist created a script to flood a Texas website used to solicit information about people seeking an abortion with fabricated data, according to a TikTok video from the developer and Motherboard’s test of the tool. The developer, whose social media identifies him as Sean Black, has also created an iOS shortcut that makes it easier for non-technical activists to participate.

On Friday night, the forced deliveries behind the self-defense site took to Twitter to respond.


It seems safe to assume that hacktivists will take this invitation to “come back soon” to heart. Keep it up, pranksters. Texas thought he was awfully smart with their reprehensible bounty system for punishing pro-choice scofflaws. Maybe they’re not as smart as they thought they were.

Make them pay.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect Texas Right To Life’s response.

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