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In the modern world where it is necessary to adapt to rapid changes, many companies decide to outsource key business processes. In 2018, the global outsourcing market was estimated at $85.6 billion on the expectation of stable future growth.

There are many reasons companies choose to outsource mobile app development instead of building their own development teams:

  1. Cost efficiency– This is the first and main reason why companies outsource application development today. Hiring a programmer to build an app is always cheaper than building your own app development team.
  2. Better business orientation– By working with mobile app development agencies, you automatically delegate much of the work that would otherwise require your personal management and control.
  3. The best experts in the field– In cases where you outsource mobile application development, you will have no problem finding and hiring experts in a specific field. Outsourcing mobile app development doesn’t limit you to a specific location or time zone.
  4. Wide range of skills– Time rules the world and even a few days can make a huge difference to a new digital product.
  5. Underqualified vendo – So you’ve found a mobile app development team that’s a perfect match for your team and they manage to mess up your project? Such a problem probably occurred because you did not verify the portfolio of the mobile app development company.
  6. Flexibility– One of the big tenets of successful mobile app outsourcing is to work with a company that uses one of the flexible software development methodologies, like Scrum, Kanban, etc.
  7. Scalability– Once you decide to speed up the development process or develop complex and unique features, you will need to increase the number of team members. Mobile app outsourcing allows for a higher level of flexibility.
  8. Risk reduction– A senior developer’s sudden decision to leave a company is every business owner’s worst nightmare developing a new digital project.
  9. All-round companySupport – Mobile app development companies typically provide a range of different services including marketing, market research, business analysis, and more.
  10. Security – Professional companies have protocols to ensure that your new app will work within local laws and data protection rules.

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James S. Joseph