Netlify Web Development Cloud Now Available on AWS Marketplace

SAN FRANCISCO, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Netlify, the most popular way to build, deploy, and scale modern web applications, is now available through AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog for finding, testing, purchasing, and deploying software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS customers can streamline purchasing and consolidate web infrastructure billing by purchasing Netlify with their existing AWS account and expense commitments.

Netlify provides automated and intuitive development workflows that enable front-end engineering teams to deliver optimal customer experiences on the web at scale, faster, without having to manage servers. Netlify Enterprise, available on the AWS Marketplace, offers a complete web development platform with the highest level of availability, control and security:

  • Git-centric Netlify workflows: Simple yet powerful Git-based workflows unite the landscape of JavaScript frameworks, developer tools, and APIs that enable front-end teams to build full-stack web applications.
  • High performance Netlify build: A fully automated front-end CI / CD, optimized for the modern Jamstack web architecture and easily extended with an ecosystem of plugins. Netlify supports all JavaScript frameworks including popular technologies like React, Next.js, Vue.js, Gatsby, and Angular.
  • High performance Netlify Edge: A fast, reliable and secure edge network, backed by an SLA, to run all of an organization’s web experiences. Netlify Edge is multi-cloud, leveraging the best cloud providers in each region, like AWS.
  • Netlify functions: The most intuitive way for front-end teams to use AWS Lambda functions in their preferred workflow. Front-end code and serverless functions are deployed, versioned, previewed, and rolled back together as part of Netlify’s Git-based workflow.
  • Level 1, Production support: Access to Netlify support engineers with SLA-backed response time so teams can get to market faster and protect the integrity of the critical infrastructure that powers their web applications.

“At Netlify, we want to empower front-end engineers to use the tools they love and ship faster without bottlenecks, backed by the performance and reliability business teams expect. Making Netlify available on the AWS Marketplace extends this opportunity to more customers and partners who already run on AWS, “said Sarfaraz Rydhan, Senior Director of Business Development, Netlify. “We look forward to working with AWS to provide fast and flexible access to mutual customers looking to create better web experiences on a proven cloud infrastructure, fully managed by Netlify. “

Now over 310,000 active AWS Marketplace customers can customize and buy Netlify Enterprise plans via the catalog. Learn more by contact Netlify or visiting Netlify in AWS Marketplace.

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Netlify is the most popular way to build, deploy, and scale modern web applications. Developers love Netlify for its powerful yet simple workflows that make it easy to integrate their choice of tools and collaborate with their team to deliver the best online experiences, faster.

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