Netlify Raises $ 105 Million Series D To Power Jamstack-Driven Web Development

Netlify came up with the idea early on of separating front-end design and core business processes on websites. He adopted Jamstack and microservices when these technologies were not well understood. It’s a pretty common way to build a website today, but it wasn’t always that way when they first started.

Perhaps it was this knowledge and understanding that attracted investors to the business. Today Netlify announced a $ 105 million Series D at a valuation of $ 2 billion. This comes 18 months after the company’s C $ 53 million funding round.

Bessemer Venture Partners led today’s round with participation from existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, Bond, EQT Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Mango Capital and Menlo Ventures. The company has now raised nearly $ 200 million, according to data from Crunchbase.

Matt Biilmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Netlify, said that in the beginning they needed to educate and convince people that the architecture change Netlify was trying to bring about was a reality. Today is a different story.

“So this architectural change is happening and is only accelerating. [this] modern way [of developing websites], and to tackle the next set of challenges as well. It starts when it becomes evident that this change in architecture is real and lasting, ”Biilmann told me.

He said the goal now is to tackle the next level of friction, which involves handling multiple APIs and how developers juggle all the dependencies between those different pieces. This is why the company recently bought the start-up OneGraph, a member of the Y Combinator Summer 2018 cohort, which built a solution based on GraphQL to connect these different APIs together on the back-end.

“[OneGraph technology] is going to be an important part of our next step in product development, ”explained Biilmann. “How can we help teams tackle this complexity of so many different APIs and services and make the experience of creating for the Jamstack really feel like a unified app experience while still taking full advantage of this new world where there is an API for everything and where your UI is decoupled from all these different parts. “

The company has over 2 million developers using the platform, although many use the free tier. It took the company five years to reach 1 million users and just a year to double, so things are moving fast.

Netlify currently has 200 employees, and plans to double that number next year by leveraging this new capital. Company co-founder Christian Bach said Netlify has a diverse customer base and it is important that company employees reflect this.

“It’s always been extremely important to us just because we’re a global company that caters to anyone who builds for the web. So it’s a very diverse target audience, and for us to have a smart enough organization, we also need to be diversified, ”he said.

Netlify also announced a $ 10 million Jamstack Innovation Fund to help encourage and support innovation in the Jamstack ecosystem with checks in the range of $ 100,000. In addition, it is setting aside an additional $ 1 million to invest in adjacent open source tools for the ecosystem.

James S. Joseph