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mindbreeze, a leading provider of information tools and cloud services, is launching another data center in North America, hosted by Hivelocity, a leading bare metal cloud company. The newest data center in Chicago complements the existing data centers in Los Angeles.

Due to the rapid growth of cloud customers in North America, the need for another data center with the best connectivity and minimal latency was undeniable. Mindbreeze is totally committed to on-premises appliances, cloud services and SaaS. The additional data center allows existing and future customers to continuously benefit from the best of three types of deployment thanks to our hybrid architecture and approach.

Daniel Fallmanfounder and CEO of Mindbreeze, explains, “This additional location meets all the technical and economic requirements to operate our solutions with the highest energy efficiency and data security. By expanding our data center capabilities, we at Mindbreeze are taking into account the growing demand for our cloud products. We are grateful to have a partner in Hivelocity who can meet all of our customers’ demands.

Mindbreeze InSpire uses a blend of business research and to understand company information and provide insightful answers to critical business questions. The actionable insights gained act as a driver of innovation for the entire business and generate sustainable competitive advantage.

Steve Eschweilerpartner and COO of Hivelocity adds: “Mindbreeze is a model customer for Hivelocity. We are grateful for the opportunity to fuel their expansion as a connectivity and colocation infrastructure partner in three of the world’s best-connected buildings.

Many of the world’s largest companies, including leading organizations such as Lufthansa and Daimler, the Food and Drug Administration, are already using Mindbreeze’s AI-powered Insight Engine to manage their information smarter and more efficiently.

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James S. Joseph