Kick-start your web developer career with this discounted UI/UX bundle

Every business knows that a web presence is necessary to grow a customer base, but what exactly does that mean? Anyone can have a website. However, creating a site that visually appeals to people and whose functionality extends beyond the site itself is a web presence, and it takes professionals to be successful.

Specifically, it takes designers and developers who know that engagement starts with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The former covers the look of a website, while the latter is the more intangible “feel” of a site. For example, how easily visitors can interact with content and find what they are looking for. It can take years of trial and error to master either concept, let alone make them work together. But things just got a whole lot easier with The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle, an e-learning package led by veteran entrepreneur and creator Juan Galvan.

Galvan’s engaging program is not a technical manual on software used by designers. Rather, it teaches what actually makes a website work and how to tweak that formula to fit any business. Start with an overview of the web industry, to better understand what CEOs and entrepreneurs are looking for, and how websites make money. Then move on to the different types of interfaces and design dos and don’ts. Upon completion, you’ll be able to lead any design team in any type of industry while turning the attention your website generates into company cash flow. You will even acquire the know-how to start your own.

PCMag readers can get started now with The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle, on sale for $34.99, or 98% off the MSRP of $1,800.

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James S. Joseph