Jarvus Innovations: Web Development Company Northern Liberties Grows

Before the sun rises on North Third Street, just south of Liberty Lands Park, delivery trucks can be spotted outside a local bakery.

It’s a scene reminiscent of Philadelphia’s past, and a reminder of the industry that was active before white-collar jobs began to take hold in places other than Center City, like Old City and Northern Liberties.
One such company is Jarv.us Innovations, a small private web development company that rents office space in a repurposed former glassblowing studio just down the street from the bakery, and it’s contributing to a growing movement of young workers. who is interested in changing the way business works.
The company is the main tenant of the space, which it rents to partner companies and freelancers under the brand that represents its collaborative workspace: “Devnuts”. What Devnuts literally means is that they are mad about web development. Figuratively speaking, Devnuts is the mission of the collaborative inhabitants: to try in a concrete way to change the culture of companies and the workplace.
The Devnuts model is no stranger to coworking facilities like the Old City’s Independents Hall: by making offices available to all — for a fee, of course — minds can merge and talents combine.
We’ve written about organizations in the past – Jarvus and Devnuts – but it’s worth a look to see how organizations develop. Can this change in culture support strong commerce?

Ten months ago, the Devnuts team launched Jarvus, an incorporated company that pools talent to work on collaborative projects that Devnuts people were doing for clients more informally. It is perhaps the link that binds.
While their energy and enthusiasm are part of the charm, visiting the founders of the company and the co-working space in late July – Chris Alfano, John Fazio and Matt Monihan – it was clear that the organizational vision tended to merge. .
But nearly a year after incorporation, one thing is clear: Since the separation of the company, Jarvus, from the mission, Devnuts, they are making things happen.
They recently launched CreditScout, a web-based application that allows filmmakers to search for state tax credits for filming locations. It’s an interesting model, says Fazio.
And with a handful of web development projects with local businesses [including, full disclosure, Technically Media’s Philly Tech Week website]they’ve had releases like a mobile iPhone and Android apps for Consumer Reports.
The company will also soon launch an automated t-shirt processing app (coming out next week, the collaboration with ChoiceShirts is called Dynamic Wear, of which Independents Hall’s Alex Hillman is a partner), a breach reporting tool building code for building owners in New York, and more.
We wouldn’t normally mention unfinished projects, but it’s the underlying model that’s worth sharing: the company offers services in exchange for an equity stake in some cases. As the guys said, “it’s the Richard Branson model where you decentralize the corporate structure” and create cashless collaboration.
And it’s very different from that bakery up the street.


James S. Joseph