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The UAE is a business center known for its sleek skyscrapers. At present, the new political environment in the UAE is influenced by new cybersecurity threats.

According to gulf businesses, four out of five organizations in the United Arab Emirates survived at least one cyber breach in one year (2019). Due to which the government has blocked a large number of sites.

What comes next is that this strict internet censorship is a big disappointment for people living in the UAE as they cannot access any blocked sites, even for business or personal use.

For this reason, people are looking for solutions to bypass these content filters. Few applications like United Arab Emirates proxy and a strong VPN can unblock websites and help you surf the internet smoothly.

So, let’s explore this topic in detail.

How can you unblock websites in UAE?

Whether you want to casually surf the web or use it for business purposes, or maybe you want to communicate with your loved ones, apps like VoIP, VPN and Proxy are fundamental to unblock sites and protect your privacy. .

Unfortunately, VoIP is banned in the UAE under government rules for private reasons. To your surprise, UAE government officials can monitor your day-to-day online activities. In short, they always have an eye on your internet activities.

Yes, it may sound strange, but it is true. It is good to note that these content filters are intended for illegal internet use. To some extent it can be good to impose laws, but punishing everyone for the same reason seems quite far-fetched.

So the only answer you have left is to use secure applications (to hide your IP address). It adds a layer of security to your internet connection and allows you to unblock restricted sites or content.

Additionally, apps like VPNs are only legal if you use them for the right purpose (accessing legal content).

Many people use VPNs for remote work, some use them for streaming, and others to connect with loved ones. Either way, VPNs keep you safe from suspicious glances and hackers who monitor your internet traffic 24/7.

It also helps to overcome data security issues in remote working environment.

As stated in the Company2Community, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) pointed out that global losses from cybercrime approach one trillion dollars.

It shows that the world needs more internet privacy for security purposes, but you need to unblock your favorite content for a smooth internet experience.

So here are some solutions you can use to unblock content in UAE:

As mentioned earlier, when you use a VPN connection, it secures your privacy through its security protocols and keeps you anonymous. It helps you to unblock any blocked content in UAE easily.

A DNS leak is related to tracking your IP address and monitoring your online activity. You can prevent this by clearing DNS caches, using a robust VPN, or changing your default settings.

A proxy server is like a hub between you and your Internet connection. It can help you bypass other content filters by masking your IP address and spoofing your location. This means that you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and firewalls.

This solution works in almost all cases. There are sites like Bitly and Tiny URLs, which help shorten URLs.

You can now copy the address of the site you want to unblock and shorten it by pasting it to Bitly or Tiny URL. After that, you can use the shortened url and new address to unblock any website.

If you are asking what works best among all of the above solutions? The answer will be a good VPN connection.

A VPN connection masks your real IP address and instead assigns you an IP address from a VPN server. It acts as a shield since no one can find out your real IP address.

This brings us to our next point. From now on, your geolocation cannot be traced by any third party. It becomes easy to unblock sites and access content through this process.

The best part is that it also encrypts your internet connection so that you are safe from data sniffers. If you’re looking for good speed and an app that unblocks restricted content, a VPN connection is the way to go.


The reason for blocking sites in the United Arab Emirates revolves around the exercise of power. The reason: They can easily ask ISPs to block content and websites for ordinary citizens.

In such cases, a good VPN connection can serve as a silver lining in the midst of chaos. Always choose a VPN with powerful features and enjoy your favorite content.

Ultimately, you can download a VPN app and enjoy all of the amazing UAE content. Also, there are some best VPN apps you can check the best options.

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