GetLark simplifies the web hosting business

With GetLark, web hosting need not be complex as the platform champions simplicity in the web hosting industry.

Web hosting is a non-negotiable feature for any brand looking to get online. And as any web developer knows, web hosting is incomplete without its associated platform. Web hosting platforms offer many benefits, including increased security, backup features, technical support, better performance, and even recovery in the event of a site being hacked.

But despite all these advantages, most people would rather not deal with these platforms as they are complex to navigate. So they usually hire a web developer to handle technical issues while focusing on growing their online business. As unbelievable as it sounds, having an easy-to-use web hosting platform is possible. And that’s what GetLark sets out to prove.

GetLark is a web hosting platform founded on the belief that the future of web hosting is simplicity. He also feels that other platforms have overly complex dashboards that complicate the already complicated job of a web developer. As a result, the platform has created the simplest control panel that can be managed by both beginners and experts. This is done by simultaneously implementing many features allowing web developers to improve their work on a simple hosting platformso that they can manage their services smoothly.

GetLark’s dashboard control panel, which is currently the easiest to use in the industry, comes with the following enviable features:

– Lightning fast service management
– Simple and advanced webmail solution
– Deployment of the new hosting in 50 seconds
– Creation and configuration of new website in 30 seconds
– Excellent performance on smartphone
– All stats in one place

Additionally, driven by the need to be a web developer’s first choice, GetLark offers amazing features such as:

– One-click app installer
– Free hosting during the site construction process
– Free services dedicated to the development environment
– 20% commission for each referred customer

Then there is the team accounts feature that allows web developers to easily add their team members’ accounts and improve collaboration. Amazingly, this also allows adding access only for support, billing, or service management.

However, GetLark’s seal of simplicity is not just for web developers. The company is also developing a control panel that web developer customers can use without hassle. Additionally, customers can easily log into their accounts without having to go through multiple steps. And in addition to secure authorization standards, GetLark has eliminated the password sharing feature, thereby encouraging easier cooperation between customers and developers.

So, whether it’s agency hosting or freelance hosting, GetLark has the simple tools to meet everyone’s needs.

About the company

GetLark is a group of experienced product experts and technical enthusiasts eager to change the status quo of the market landscape. The company’s mission is to provide the best sharing hosting for web developers and to be the best shared hosting solution in the world.

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