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  • January 15, 2022
  • 08:28

With a publicly accessible website driving the spread of vulnerabilities and one of the biggest sources of data breaches, it pays even for seasoned IT pros to know how websites are built and technologies which underlie them. The Web Development Starter Pack 2022 makes it easy to learn, building on the skills you already have and building on the ones you don’t.

Each course is taught by web development experts and certified trainers, and is built with code and self-paced approaches in mind, giving you a sandbox to revisit, experiment, and learn. To get started, the CSS3 in 30 Day course gives you thirty different Cascading Style Sheet projects to work with, allowing you to get started and learn by doing.

Then there are two courses in C++, both aimed at newcomers to the language, to familiarize you with its use for server-side web applications, Visual Studio, and the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Another course explores C# and Visual Studio in the context of .NET development, and you can complement it by familiarizing yourself with working with .NET Web API using Swagger and OpenAPI.

In other courses, you’ll get a full exploration of Angular 8, building a web application from scratch and dealing with common issues that arise. There’s a comprehensive course on the Dart language and how to use it in the Flutter SDK to unify web, mobile, and desktop using a single code base. And if you’re curious about API development, a course examines GraphQL, Apollo, and how it intersects with React.

Web design is constantly changing, and staying informed can make a difference in your job and career by diversifying your skills and allowing you to spot and fix common vulnerabilities. The Web Development for Beginners 2022 Bundle gives you the tools you need to learn for $29.99, which is 98% off the MSRP of $1,600.

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James S. Joseph