Fox Cities Chamber: Blue Door Consulting Adds Senior Web Project Manager to Team

November 1, 2021

To help clients grow and achieve their goals, Blue Door Consulting has added a senior web project manager, Andrew Klein, to its team. Her creative problem-solving skills will help clients establish a strong website presence to grow their business.

With her background in leading groups to create something new together, Klein has used her knowledge and leadership skills in many areas, from composing and directing theater and films to managing project projects. websites and software applications.

“The creative process is not a formula. What is needed for any project is unique to that project. However, discovering and creating an environment that offers the best chance of success is something that I am always learning. the challenge, ”Klein said.

Klein will use his Web Project Manager role to help clients reach the next level of success. He firmly believes in being passionate about an idea until a better idea emerges. With his creativity and organization, combined with his experience, knowledge and leadership skills, Klein looks forward to being a valued member of the Blue Door Consulting team.

About Blue Door Consulting

Founded in 2002, Blue Door Consulting has a singular objective: To develop innovative strategies that help clients grow. Each team member shares a passion for creativity and a desire to develop bold strategies that differentiate Blue Door Consulting clients from their competitors. With her “Seize the day. Share the love.” approach, Blue Door Consulting provides branding and design, content marketing, web and digital thinking and design services to more than 160 clients in 18 states. Customers range from start-ups to Fortune® 500 companies, across industries and industries. For more information

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James S. Joseph