Exclusive: Web Hosting and Website Builder Traffic Crashes After Covid

The number of page visits to almost all of the major web hosting and website builder providers has declined dramatically as foreclosure restrictions continue to ease across the globe.

TechRadar Pro used SimilarWeb data during the months of March through May 2021 to track the page visit performance of the top 40 web hosting and website building companies, and saw a significant drop.

Companies like Bluehost, GoDaddy, Wix, and Squarespace all saw a drop in monthly page visits from March to April, with traffic picking up slightly from April to May.

An anonymous source from a large web hosting company hinted that easing the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in high-traffic countries like the United States could be one of the main causes of the dropping – as well as warmer temperatures, which means people are more outdoors and not indoors in front of their computers.

Not all downhill

Despite the majority of the numbers falling, our research found that some businesses saw an increase in visits to pages like Zoho, BigCommerce, and FastHosts between March and April 2021.

A Hostinger spokesperson told us, “First of all, we’re seeing the same trend – with the easing of lockdown restrictions, the least thing people are willing to do is spend time in front of their computers. start or develop their websites.

“We expect the market to continue to slow over the coming summer for the same reason – foreclosure restrictions will continue to be relaxed and people will just want to go out and celebrate life. That could translate into a stronger-than-usual result and into the fourth quarter, when the holiday season and post-containment celebrations come to an end.

“So on an annual basis, we plan to maintain our growth rate twice as high as the previous year, without slowing down. The only thing we anticipate is a slightly different quarterly demand distribution, due to the lockdown restriction changes. “

Hostinger’s monthly page visits from March through April remained the same as the company avoided the drop experienced by other web hosting service providers.

Geoff Clawson, vice president of products, websites and marketing at GoDaddy, said TechRadar Pro as the industry begins to see new website construction return to pre-COVID levels as the world emerges from the pandemic.

“That doesn’t mean websites are a fundamental part of building and growing a business, though. While they may evolve and their form may change, the work a website does is still essential – it is a primary hub of the brand experience that can be owned and personalized, ”he said. he adds.

“Now and in the future, businesses will need an intuitive way to manage this hub and connect their online points of presence, such as social platforms and business listings. “

James S. Joseph