Eight courses, 150 hours of premium web development training – and you pay your price

TLDR: The Superstar 2021 Web Development and Design Bundle allows you to pay what you want for 8 courses with over 150 hours of intensive and extensive web design training.

The web keeps expanding. And with the insatiable need for digital pages, apps, and experiences, the need for skilled and talented web developers is also at an all-time high.

The web developer is among the top 10 tech jobs in the prestigious annual US News and World Report list of top tech jobs. And with the number of jobs in web development is expected to increase by 8 percent over the next decade the sky is the limit for those who can jump and be successful in this rapidly climbing field.

The Superstar 2021 Web Development and Design Pack can not only give you a good start in acquiring the knowledge necessary to join this creative and thriving fraternity of web professionals, but you can even learn these skills for paying whatever price you want to pay.

Even if you’ve never designed for the web before, this package consisting of eight courses and over 150 hours of instruction can help you progress, explaining basic HTML, graphic design, JavaScript, and more.

Here’s how it works… just pay the price you’re willing to spend – and the price at all – and you’ll automatically have access to the first two courses in this bundle. Crash Course in HTML Web Development guides young developers through the early stages of coding, how to use HTML and CSS, essential markup, embedding media into a website and more. Following, Crash Course on Graphic Design makes sure your pages look as good as they work, with experience in creating digital graphics, copyright law on images, basic design tools and other building materials great online visual experiences.

But after this appetizer, you want the main course. Thus, by matching the average price of this collection paid by your fellow buyers, you will then benefit from the other six courses in this collection to complete your development training. Other courses explore full stack web development, UI / UX design basics, how to use foundational tools like jQuery, and more.

The Superstar 2021 Web Development and Design Pack collection is worth almost $ 1,600 worth of courses, but with this deal you will be able to get all eight courses for literally pennies on the dollar.

Prices are subject to change.

James S. Joseph