Celebrate with Namecheap and Get 21% Off Web Hosting

For its 21st year of service, Namecheap (opens in a new tab) reward loyalty with massive discounts on plan renewals, domain transfers and .com website registration (opens in a new tab).

Namecheap makes its services even more affordable for users. Easy domain transfers to domain, hosting, email (opens in a new tab) and DNS plans, Namecheap’s lifelong mission to provide the best online experience remains unchanged except to make their services more affordable.

This Epic Birthday Party Rewards Users With 21% Off Domain Renewals, Web Hosting (opens in a new tab)SSL certificates (opens in a new tab)Private Email and PremiumDNS when redeeming the code BDAYHOSTING21. The discount takes effect after the expiration date of their current subscription.

For new customers, select domain transfers also receive the same 21% discount when redeeming the code BDAYTRANSFER21while .COM registrations get a 21% discount, making it $7.48 per year using the code BDAYCOM21.

These discounts are only available for a limited time as the sale ends October 13 at midnight ET.

Over the years, Namecheap’s tradition has been to reward its most loyal customers with amazing offers on this special day. Since its launch in 2000, Namecheap has steadily grown to become one of the leading web service providers in the market.

Get free hosting migration, top-notch service, reliable 24/7 support, fast WordPress hosting (opens in a new tab)flexible and understandable pricing, secure business emails – Namecheap has indeed become the one stop shop for every web professional, small business owner and online creator.

As part of their birthday journey, users can also take to Instagram and follow @Namecheap to celebrate with them as they try on their virtual spacesuit filter. To try it out, users can simply select the “Effects” tab, take a photo, post a story, and tag @Namecheap.

Why is this a good deal?

Getting your website up and running in record time can scale your business in many ways, and because Namecheap will meet all your needs starting with domains, web hosting, private email and professionals, WordPress hosting and even PremiumDNS, it also saves you time.

Running your business is one thing, running it for growth is another. With Namecheap, you can use tools that provide security, world-class speed, full control of your site, and more. And with their anniversary discount, their services have become more affordable.

James S. Joseph