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My query has more to do with SSL HTTPS than HTML, so I hope I’m in the right forum. If not, feel free to move this thread around as you wish.

As briefly as possible, my problem is this: I volunteered my time and resources to create an Arduino project for our water association that monitors water levels in each water tank. Council members would like to receive text messages when water levels drop below 8 feet. I did exactly that, but I’m using one of my own insecure sites – HTTP – from which to send the requested SMS.

In my site’s includes folder I have a PHP file that when requested by Arduino’s sketch function sends texts to all board members. It works perfectly. With the tests complete, it was time to use the water association website to send the texts back.

I built their website and configured it as an HTTPS site. For over a month I tried everything I knew how to do and NEVER received an SMS from this secure website. I think the reason is that the site is secure.

So if my basic assumption is correct, can anyone confirm it?

This whole project is complete and ready to install, but this issue has suspended the install because I don’t want my personal site linked to their project.

I’ve been advised to replace the microcontroller board I’m currently using with one that has a built-in “SSL stack”. In truth, I’ve never read a clear explanation of what exactly it is, only that it will help overcome the SSL/HTTPS hurdle I’m facing. I have several of these new ESP32 boards in hand, but until I’ve exhausted all other possibilities, I won’t start testing them. The form factor of these new boards will snap right into my terminal block, but some modifications will definitely need to be made.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.


For those who think this issue should be presented to a more microcontroller specific site such as the Arduino forum, that would be a fair guess to make.

There are indeed many Arduino-esq sites from which to seek help with this problem. I’m not convinced this is purely a microcontroller issue (which is why I posted it here), but the best forum for microcontroller issues is IMO the Adafruit forum.

I have exhausted my request for help with this problem on this forum. Most moderators are engineers and they are the ones who suggested me to change microcontroller to solve this SSL/HTTPS problem.


What do you understand under „receive an SMS“. I don’t understand what it is

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Council members receive text messages on their cell phones when the water level in the reservoir drops below 8 feet. Is that what you are referring to?

You have certainly mentioned texting several times.

I was confused by that too.

Good. It helps a lot. I don’t know why but Apparently in this context it suffices to say text it is ambiguous.

The most important part is how do you send the SMS? I hope there is a way to get an error message or at least an error code.

James S. Joseph