5 Best Web Hostels in Indianapolis, IN

Below is a list of the best web accommodations in Indianapolis. To help you find the best web hosting located near you in Indianapolis, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

Best Indianapolis Web Hosting:

The best rated web hosting services in Indianapolis, IN are:

  • Circle City Web Design, Development and Digital – knows that your website plays a key role in the success of your small business
  • Dev Co. website – created high-end professional websites
  • Midwestern Technology – is an Indianapolis, IN-based computer consulting firm
  • Hoosier web host – helps all businesses, especially those belonging to minorities
  • Indy Web Inc – can help your business with everything

Circle City Web Design, Development and Digital

Circle City Web Design, Development and Digital knows that your website plays a key role in the success of your small business. Your website should create the best first impression and have a lasting effect on your visitors. Their beautiful website design, digital SEO marketing help you reach customers and make a great first impression. They put your goals first and are honored to be a 5 star rated company.

They love to create beautiful websites with a wide array of features designed to connect and turn visitors into viable prospects eager to learn more about your business or organization. Whether you are looking to generate traffic, design a new website, or redesign your current site, they are here to help you with all of your web design needs in Indianapolis.


Hosting & Maintenance, Web Design, Development & Digital


Call: (317) 460-7948


“Heather offers the best value for money and the best professionalism when it comes to web hosting. She takes care of her clients and makes sure their sites are functioning properly and securely. No other hosting company provides daily security backups and scans for their rates. She’s amazing! “- Laura B.

Dev Co. websiteSource - Pexels

Dev Co. website has created premium professional websites for a wide variety of clients, such as small, medium, large businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. Their background has given them specialist knowledge in the dental and medical industries, but they have also worked with real estate agents, lawyers, moving companies, groups, real estate developers, food bloggers, pawn shops, professional athletes, to name a few.

Based in Indianapolis, IN, their team is made up of passionate and experienced online marketers from around the world. They seek out the most talented and knowledgeable web designers, content writers, and programmers to provide their clients with world-class websites and online marketing solutions.


Hosting, Marketing, Domains


Call: (317) 344-8586


“We selected Adam at Website Dev Co. based on the excellent reviews out there and he really lived up to his reputation. Adam is an outstanding web designer and web developer. He really put together a high quality website for our dental office quickly and efficiently. He also suggested and implemented some great ideas for digital marketing that drastically increased traffic to our site. Excellent experience all around and I highly recommend Adam for your next web project. ” – Beautiful dentistry

Midwestern TechnologyMidwestern Technology

Midwestern Technology is an Indianapolis, IN-based computer consulting firm. They provide web design, development, hosting and marketing services. Since its inception in 2010, the company has grown from a sole proprietorship to one with tens of thousands of customers around the world. In addition to their base of operations in Indianapolis, IN, they also maintain an office in the DC metro area.

The focus on quality along with unrivaled reliability and professionalism make Midwestern Technology an ideal supplier to meet web development and hosting infrastructure needs of all sizes, from respective projects to custom web applications and infrastructures. advances.


Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, Server Management, Systems Consulting, Web Design, Website Auditing, Website Maintenance, Website Repair


Call: (317) 300-4909


“Very reliable, flexible, reasonably priced and responsive to the needs of the client company. I have struggled with a complex shipping situation on my website for many years while hiring different companies. Many entrepreneurs wanted to completely delete my website, telling me that nothing was possible to change the existing one. After a short phone call with Midwestern Technology, the issue was resolved within a week with the best result. Highly recommend. “- Irina G.

Hoosier web hostSource - Pexels

Hoosier web hostThe mission of is to help all businesses, especially those belonging to minorities. Succeed online with a presence to match. Through this partnership, they proudly believe in working together, more than ever as a collective. Hoosier Web Host LLC has been serving the metro area since January 2020.

Founded by Joshua Chandler, Hoosier Web Host LLC provides digital marketing and computer technology services to make everyone feel better online. They are there to support your vision and unleash your true potential. They use Google Workspace Enterprise for their administration and their platform is hosted securely on Google Cloud Platform.


Website Express, Social Marketing, Reputation Management, Customer Voice, Ad Generator, Advertising Intelligence, Constant Contact, Hoosier Digital Marketplace


Call: (317) 210-0112


“Excellent service, information, knowledge and support on basic business start-up methods. Hands-on in-person experience and web-based classroom experience. Excellent consultation and business advice. Ensures client and student understand the process, formats and other business requirements necessary to start a new business. – Brian T.

Indy Web IncSource - Pexels

Indy Web Inc can help your business with everything from logo design, a simple web appearance, or a full-fledged ecommerce website. They maintain their own servers at their location. Your website will be assigned its own static IP address, not shared with other sites, will load quickly and be backed up continuously. Indianapolis, Indiana is where Indyweb.net calls home.

At Indyweb.net, they value their customers. Most importantly, their customers appreciate them. Their most dedicated customers are those who have had unacceptable experiences with other companies and have allowed them to repair or redesign their website, create a custom computer for them, or fix their computers.


Web Hosting, Website Design & Development, Logo Design, SEO, Remote Tech Support


Address: 3151 Madison Ave # A, Indianapolis, EN 46227
(317) 536-1201


“I highly recommend Indy Web, they go above and beyond. They are very knowledgeable. Excellent customer service. – Evangelical Zion UCC

James S. Joseph